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An endangered Cemetery

This has been a lost and remains still an endangered cemetery unknown to any Maury County historical books or records with which I am acquainted. Revealed here for the first time to my knowledge, the cemetery was known to exist by descendents of the Murpheys and at least one out of town family; Doug and Jeanie Baker of Huntsville Alabama. Doug and Jeanie explain their recent visit (March 13, 2004): 
"From Ebenezer Church (at the last entrance way to the church...the south end of the oval drive that begins at the cemetery and ends in front of the church) go exactly .45 miles by odometer South down the road to a driveway to the right (West...kinda). There are actually three driveways close together on the right side (West) of the road. The northernmost one goes about 100 yards and stops at the creek because the bridge or culvert is washed out. A compass azimuth of approximately 242 degrees taken from the intersection of the creek and the old roadway will take you to the grave site laying up a rather steep hill maybe 200 yards from the creek. THIS IS THE ROAD...but don't go that way!! It's too difficult to get across the creek at this point and there is an easier way. Go another two driveways South where you'll see a gas line pole sticking up about 7-8 feet right beside the road. The "number" is 1688 or 1686 and the drive winds up to a house trailer on the hillside. DON'T GO TO THE HOUSE TRAILER ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE CREEK! After you go on up to the trailer on the hill, you may want to stop and say hello to Mr. Billy Beach and his wife Betty who live there. They have graciously consented to anyone interested in this cemetery using their roadway for access. The cemetery plot lays about two hundred feet WNW of their parking area. You can almost drive there, so if you're not accustomed to roaming through the woods, don't be hesitant, since access is now quite easy. There is a gap in the fence just to the NW of their home. Go through the gap and bear right into the woods and you'll be able to see the two stones standing. The base just in front of the CA Murphey stone belongs to his memorial. The C.A. Murphey memorial is a three section memorial and now stands on two sections behind the base. There are several (at least five) field stones immediately to the East of the upright markers in a North-South line with another one to the WNW of the markers. From our 1977 visit to the site, we made a detailed sketch of the graves site showing about 10 field stones in addition to the two markers. Since C.A. and Jane had about nine children, it's likely that some of these stones are theirs, but further research is necessary to confirm this"

Murphey Cemetery List photos of known stones

Drawing of the Murphey Cemetery for the known stones

Maps showing Cemetery location