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This is the view of the cemetery standing on the south side and just about where the photographer started snapping photos. The entrance and signage is on our right and the cemetery sprawls back the west and our left. This is one of the best kept neighborhood cemeteries I have seen. the grounds are lovingly maintained and the stones are repaired and reasonably clean and the rows are orderly and placed well placed compared to the usual cemetery. My hats off to everyone here. 

Looking west from the middle-front-southside yields this photo. The exact origin of Morton Cemetery name is not known. Perhaps the cemetery was started by Gabriel L. Morton who lived in the area prior to 1840. That does not mean, however, that there were not other interments before this date. From the standpoint of number of burials, the name Hardison is most prominent. In fact, in obituaries of many Hardisons buried here, it is stated that they were buried in the family graveyard. 
In fact the Hardison's were hardy survivors and knew how to grow thriving boy babies that grew into reproductive citizens. That is unlike many of our surnames that seem to die out all too quickly including this researcher family.
Photos by Wayne Austin 17 Apr 2008.