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Numerical Listing of Graves

001 A. Manson Morrow
002 Edith Walls Morrow
003 Daniel Warren Thomas
004 Herman I. Anderson
005 Stella M.  Anderson
006 Mary A. Anderson
007 Carolyn Irwin
008 Margaret Kinzer Roland
009 Billy H. Anderson
010 Marvin W. Anderson
011 Horace A. Terrell
012 Lillie Ruth Mays
013 Horace Alvin Terrell , Military Marker
014 Willis E. Terrell, Military Marker
015 Morrow , Infant son of Robert & Faye Morrow
016 PFC Robert Lee Morrow
017 Robert Lee Morrow, Military Marker
018 Unmarked grave of Robert Smith
019 Unmarked grave of Bob West
020 Infant of C.S. & Dora Voss Earp
021 Dora Voss
022 W. J. Voss
023 E. J. Voss
024 Unmarked grave of Adella Love Region
025 No markings for this grave
026 Unmarked grave of infant twin of W.T. & Susie Love
027 Unmarked grave of infant twin of W. T. & Susie Love
028 William T. Love
        Susie B. Love
029 Nettie L. Shea
030 Unmarked grave of infant son of Dan & Nettie Shea
031 J. A. Love
032 Stone, no markings 
       Mary Jane Hines Love
033 Sunken grave of James Love
034 Sunken grave of Sam Henry Love
035 Unmarked grave of Austin Pruitt
036 Unmarked grave of Charlie Pruitt
037 Unmarked grave of John R. Pruitt
038 Unmarked grave of Lizzie Pruitt
039 Unmarked grave of Malcolm Pruitt
040 Unmarked grave of Everett Pruitt
041 Unmarked grave of Martha Edwards
042 E. L. "Doc" Travis
       Alma W. Travis
043 John L. Morrow
       Annie E. Morrow
044 Unmarked grave of Elbert Lloyd Morrow
045 Archie B. Morrow
046 Carnice H. Morrow
047 John O. Morrow
048 Harold D. Morrow
       Minnie G. Morrow
049 Harold Dean Morrow, Military Marker
050 Courtney Leanne Davidson
051 Lewis P. Morrow
052 Bridgett Michelle Cantrell
053 James Kenneth Morrow
       Barbara Brown Morrow
054 Manley Walker Morrow
       Lettie A. Morrow
055 Infant daughter of Manley & Lettie Morrow
056 Rock marked grave of Fannie Rittenberry
057 Archie B. Kincade
058 Amnah Ray Kincade
       Helen G. Kincade
059 Amnah Ray Kincade, Military Marker
060 Mary Church Thomas
061Clara Smith Amos
062 Wismer Jentry Smith(large stone)
063 W. J.  Smith (small older stone)
064 Ira Cecil Smith
065 Thomas E. Travis, Military Marker
066 Eldridge Travis
       Esther S. Travis
067 Eldridge Travis, Military Marker
068 Alvin Morrow
       Mary Morrow
069 W. M. Morrow
        William M. Morrow
        Matilda E. Morrow
070 John Otey Morrow
       Alice Rebecca Morrow
071 Jimmy Hester Morrow 
072 Rebecca Morrow
073 Willie Snow Morrow Scott
074 James Wesley Morrow
        Elizabeth Delk Morrow
075 Kathryn L. Morrow
076 James Benton Morrow
077 John L. Morrow
        Doshia L. Morrow
078 Cecil Rex Lee
        Charlotte Morrow Lee
079 Odie Douglas Morrow
 080 Odie Douglas Morrow, Military Marker 
081 Ernest E. Parker
       Mildred Morrow Parker
082 Ernest E. Parker, Military Marker
083 David T. Morrow
       Ellen G. Morrow
084 Connie U. Morrow
        Edna Alice Scott Morrow
085 Charles Martell
086 Leffie B. Morrow
087 Rebecca Catherine Morrow
088 William Otey Morrow
089 Myrtle Ella Morrow
090 Infant son of John Sullivan Morrow
091 Dorothy May Morrow
092 Eva Gray Morrow
093 Large Double Marker
        Eva Gray Morrow
        Dorothy May Morrow
094 Hazel O. Morrow
       Sarah Morrow
095 Gladys Blocker
096 Billy Alvin Baxter
097 Annie Mae Blocker
098 John Wesley Blocker
       Allie Z. Bishop Blocker
099 Peter Bird Blocker
       Ella A. Morrow Blocker
100 Alice Estelle Bishop
101 Frank M. Bishop
102 Myrtle Ella Bishop
103 Henry Alvin Blocker
104 John Wesley Blocker
        Mary Allie Blocker
105 John Wesley Blocker, Military Marker
106 Ocy Alvin Blocker
       Nena Grace Blocker
107 James Richard Blocker
       Faye Carroll Blocker
108 James Richard Blocker, Military Marker
109 Willis Blocker
       Evie R. Blocker
110 Carl E. Region
       Joann Messick Region
111 Beverly Region
112Walker W. Davis
113 Unmarked grave of Addie Dell Blocker Region
114 Unmarked grave of Everett Region

Compiled by Sandra (Gibson) Lindsey, May 5, 2007