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The above cemetery with the red check is labeled Vestal Cemetery incorrectly. This is actually the McLean Cemetery. The Vestal Cemetery was on the hill northeast of the Mclean Cemetery about 375 yards probably in that high spot on the map above shown as a brown oval. I have a blue arrow pointing at it. 
I am told there was once a fence row across that hill and the cemetery was in the fence row but the fence row was bulldozed and the stones covered up by a now deceased previous land owner whom James Woody did not name.
Mr. Mitchell owns the place today, but obviously bears no responsibility for the previous owners actions. Mr. Woody has lived there all his life. Mr. Woody said the Vestal Cemetery was at one time located along a fence row and the owner just bulldozed and covered the stones without question.

Again, if I had to pinpoint where they would have put the lost Vestal cemetery I would say on that hill top shown as a brown oval on the above map pointed out by the blue pointer. I can't be certain because there is no way to tell where the fence row was located from this map.
This Aerial Map shows the possible location of the Vestal Cemetery, where it was or might still be found in some fashion. It is pointed out with a blue arrow as being under a thicket. 
The new Santa Fe Highway or Hwy 7 is on our left (west) not on this map but a fourth of a mile.

Looking northeast across the corner of the Williams Cemetery we see in the distance the tree line of the creek and further across the green field to about where the Vestal Cemetery would reside today if there are any remaining monuments. This is on another party's land but he had nothing to do with the destruction of this cemetery.