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This cemetery was at one time located on old Santa Fe Pike, just east of the Snow Creek Road. Today it lies somewhere under the soil on Mr. Mitchell's place. Keep an open mind that someday soil erosion will reveal the stones from the soil and the inscriptions can then be known. The Vestal Cemetery was on the hill northeast of the Mclean Cemetery about 375 yards until many years ago. I am told there was once a fence row across that hill and the cemetery was in the fence row. It is said the fence row was bulldozed and the stones covered up by a now deceased previous land owner whom Mr. James Woody did not name. Mr. Mitchell owns the place today, but bears no responsibility for the previous owners actions. Mr. Woody, an alert and intelligent person with a deep history of the neighborhood had lived there all his life.

No one knew which Vestal family was interred in this cemetery but since it is adjacent to the Mclean Cemetery, likely it would somehow involve Aaron & Elizabeth Sparkman Vestal who are the parents of Mrs A. J. Dawson. Mrs Dawson is interred just southwest across the Fitzgerald Branch Creek in the Mclean Cemetery.

Vestal Cemetery Mapping

Research by Wayne Austin 8 Apr 2009 based on an interview with James Woody a long time resident of Santa Fe and owner of the land where the Williams & Mclean cemeteries are located.