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The above cemetery is labeled Vestal Cemetery incorrectly. This is actually the McLean Cemetery. The Vestal Cemetery was on the hill northeast of this place about 375 yards probably in that high spot on the map shown as a brown oval above. I am told there was once a fence row across that hill and the cemetery was in the fence row but the fence row was bulldozed and the stones covered up by a now deceased previous land owner whom James Woody did not name.

This cemetery is located on the old Santa Fe Pike, just east of the Snow Creek Road. It was located on the back of Clarence Woody place in 1987 on the hill behind the barn when Mr. Fred Hawkins visited there. Today it is located on James Woody's place. We had previously reported here that this cemetery was also known as the Vestal Cemetery. Actually the Vestal Cemetery was located across the creek northeast of this place about 375 yards but it was bulldozed by a previous owner (now deceased). Mr. Mitchell owns the place today. The McLean Cemetery is shown on this map above just to the right of the Williams Cemetery shown as such: [+] and pointed out by the black arrow.

If I had to guess where they would have put the lost Vestal cemetery I would say on that hill top shown as a brown oval on the above map pointed out by the blue pointer. I can't be certain because there is no way to tell
 where the fence row was located from this map.

This Aerial Map shows the location of the McLean Cemetery pointed out with a yellow dog leg arrow under the trees that extend south from the Fitzgerald Branch Creek line. On your left is old Santa Fe Pike spanning north/south on the map. New Santa Fe or Hwy 7 is on our left not on this map, but is a fourth of a mile away.