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The William Mclean Box tomb. Mr. James Woody the land owner keeps it level with supporting rocks and takes pride in folks wanting to see his cemeteries the best they can be kept. He is a rare individual of high caliper compared to the average land owner who has a cemetery on his property.

McLEAN, William, 17 Feb 1773 - 23 Jul 1814. (Box Tomb.) (Son of Ephraim McLean and Elizabeth Davidson McLean (daughter of Major John Davidson and Jane____.) Davidson Co. Tn., was named for this Davidson family. Inscription:" SACRED To the memory of William Mclean. who was born February the 17th 1773 and departed this life the 23rd of July 1814."
The William Mclean memorial is one of the earliest in the county. He died in 1814. We don't have but a handful of stones that old surviving around the county. Our hats off to Mr. Woody for helping preserve this stone.

Old property deed
Deed Book C-1 Maury County, Tenneessee Deeds Located at the Maury County Archives in Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee

William McLean 200 Acres

Knob Creek, Conveyed by Ephraim McLean

Registered November 9th, 1811

THIS INDENTURE made and concluded on the first day of May in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred seven between Ephraim McLean of the one part and William McLean of the other, both of Maury County, and state of Tennessee, Witnesseth, that ____ and in ____________ of the sum of one dollar to him the said Ephraim in hand paid by the said William the _________ whereof he doth hereby acknowldege, _______ given, granted, bargained and sold, and do by these presents give, grant, bargain, sell and convey, to the said William, a certain tract or parcel of land, containing 200 acres, lying and being in Maury County, and on the waters of Knob Creek, and bounded as following to wit. BEGINNING on an ___ N E Corner to Ephraim McLean Sen Survey. East three hundred and forty one pole to the stake on Polks line, South one hundred poles to a stake on James McLeans line, West three hundred and forty one pole to a stake on Ephraim MacLean Sen line, ______ ________ beginning _______ the aforesaid William MacLean his heirs etc all which tract or _____ of land will warrent and forever defend against the claim or claims of all person or persons whatsoever claiming through or by___

IN WITNESS whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal day and year within written,

Ephraim McLean {(Seal)}

Land Deed transcribed by Cathryn Hensley Smith and sent here 24 Oct 2009.