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This cemetery is located on the old Santa Fe Pike, just east of the Snow Creek Road. It was located on the back of Clarence Woody place in 1987 on the hill behind the barn when Mr. Fred Hawkins visited there. Today it is located on James Woody's place. We had previously reported here that this cemetery was also known as the Vestal Cemetery. Actually the Vestal Cemetery was located across the creek northeast of this place about 375 yards but it was bulldozed by a previous owner (now deceased). Mr. Mitchell owns the place today.

Mapping the location     Area View Photos

DAWSON, Hudson, dates unknown.  (This stone was on the ground and unreadable during 1961 when the authors of They Passed This Way listed the cemetery. Mr. Fred Hawkns found the stone but it is not clear if the dates were there below the ground, not inscribed on the stone, completely broken off or just unreadable.) (no stone like this was found in 2009 by Wayne Austin.)

DAWSON, Patsey, wife of Hudson Dawson.  (No dates given.) 

DAWSON, A. J., 27 Aug 1830 - 5 Dec 1860 .  (30 -03-00.)  ; Stone not found in 1987, but listed, was found in 2009.)

DAWSON, Mrs. A. J., 5 Sep 1832 - ----?? ----. (Wife of A. J.; Daughter of Aaron & Elizabeth Sparkman Vestal; stone not found in 2009)

DAWSON, Alfred B., 25 Jun 1856 - 22 Feb 1862.  (05-06-00.) 

DAWSON, Kemper A.,  10 Nov 1858 - 9 Sep 1861.  Aged 2 yrs & 10 months. 

FOSTER, L. E., 19 Dec 1859 - 5 Oct 1861. "Daughter of W.T.  C. N.? & L.E. Foster." Aged 1 year, 10 months, & 17 Days.

McLEAN, William, 17 Feb 1773 - 23 Jul 1814.  (Box Tomb.)  (Son of Ephraim McLean and Elizabeth Davidson McLean (daughter of Major John Davidson and Jane____.) Davidson Co. Tn., was named for this Davidson family.

According to the Stockard Letter by Alney Hite McLean; Ephraim McLean, Jr. and his wife Polly Boyd McLean are also buried on their Snow Creek farm.)(Note by: Mary Bob McClain Richardson, 4 Dec 2004)

From the size of the area, there were probably many more graves in this cemetery.  There is a large pile of stones that might have been used in a wall or for other box tombs but I could not find any other top slabs.  Fred L. Hawkins.  

Some family history on the Mclean family

In 1804 Ephraim McLean Sr. was living in Christian County Kentucky. McLean received at least two grants of 5,000 acres each in Maury County.  He also acquired grants in the Western District of Tennessee on the Obion River.  Today that is probably in Obion or Lake County Tennessee up in the northwest part of Tennessee. Ephraim Sr. McLean returned to Kentucky and remained there until about 1806.  In August 1807 Ephraim McLean, Sr. and five of his sons, one being William McLean, signed petitions asking the Tennessee State Legislature to establish a new county (Maury) from parts of Williamson and Dickson Counties.  William McLean was the 9th great Uncle of Mary Bob McClain Richardson (the writer/compiler).Ref:  Revolutionary Soldiers of Tennessee; Maury County Deed Book;  "Stockard Letter" written by Alney Hite McLean; Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Commentary and Sources

First listed by Marise P. Lightfoot and Evelyn B. Shackelford, 29 Oct 1961, p B-30, in “They Passed This Way”. Marise & Evelyn mentions that the McLean cemetery is just across the field and in back of the Williams Cemetery. Marise & Evelyn during 1961 saw and stated in their publication that the large pile of rocks was near the William McLean box tomb and that McLean’s memorial was some distance away from the other stones.(I can say about 30 feet from the nearest one. WA.)

Research commentary added by Mary Bob McClain Richardson  4 Dec 2004. If anyone out there knows this genealogy  we would like to hear from you. Edited & published here first by Wayne Austin. 5 Dec 2004. Revisions to include a visit to the cemetery on 8 Apr 2009 including photos. Other sources: They Passed this Way by Marise P. Lightfoot & Evelyn B. Shackelford; Maury County Cemeteries, by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. 4 Feb 1987, page 222 Vol I.; Stockard Letter by Alney Hite McLean; other research by Mary Bob McClain Richardson. Cemetery visitation by Wayne Austin & James Woody. Photography & visit 8 Apr 2009.