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Mapping the Location

Area photos of the McKnight Family Cemetery: 8221/8222

4 each Moss covered stones - unreadable one is the footstone K.Y.M. - 8214/8220

McKNIGHT, A. J., 20 Mar 1810 - 20 Aug 1883, Age 73 years 5 Months & 5 days.
McKNIGHT, Footstone: K. Y. M., No doubt this marked the grave of Keziah Yates Roper McKnight, wife of A. J. McKnight. 8215
McKNIGHT, Alice M., 9 Apr 1877 - 25 Nov 1880, Age 3 years 7 months & 16 days.  "Dau. S. H. & M. M. McKnight."
McKNIGHT, Irvine, 21 Jan 1879 - 16 Dec 1880, Age 1 year & 10 months (and . "Son S. H. & M. M. McKnight."

Mr. Fred Hawkins says this on 8 Mar 1988: "The above listing is taken from "They Passed This Way". I could find no trace of this graveyard. The old McKnight house now stands abandoned beside Bethel road. Mr. Lilburn Pinkleton lives nearby and said that he had formerly farmed the hillside where the cemetery is supposed to have been located, but never saw it. The area is owned by the
Stauffer Chemical Co. (1978) and was heavily mined in former years. Mrs. Brunson, a 90-year-old neighbor, said that she also could not remember where it was located.

Update to: Mr. Wayne Austin,
Date: Tue, Mar 18, 2014 4:29 pm
On the Lord's day March 13, 2014, when I visited the (lost) Gooch cemetery, I stopped across from the intersection of Miller Lake Rd and Highway 245. I had to trek the hillside, but found an old path in the woods. As I was hoping, it lead to the McKnight Family Cemetery. I spotted one stone leaning against a tree and saw two more fallen and ready to sink into the ground. The inscriptions are very faint
and I could not read any of the headstones. One footstone read K. Y. M. Here are the photos (above) of all stones I could find.

Andrew Tomlin <>

If one were to probe the topsoil about 10 feet to the west of the footstone KYM the headstone might be located. but then again the stones leaning against the tree may be her headstone uncovered since the 1960s

Sources as mentioned above. Added here 21 Mar 2014  to add the photos of Andrew Tomlin. C. Wayne Austin Updated  20 Mar 2014 with the photography of Andrew Tomlin <>
Cemetery was originally reported about 1968 in the book "They Passed This Way", page A-68.