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From Columbia take Williamsport Pike and go five miles beyond Baker School. Turn south on a farm lane (the second lane on left beyond Viola Baptist Church on your left) and go about three fourths of a mile. Stop and walk east but in a bit of a southward direction. Climb up Monument Hill to the top. Follow the top ridge east until it turns more south east and then when that ridge top bends further south follow that to the cemetery on the east side of the top of the ridge, but before one begins to seriously descend back down the hilltop.
As stated this hill is called Monument Hill and the cemetery is on the south end of its snake shaped ridge and might be better located in February-March when the leaves and weeds are low. The cemetery will be 170 meters or about 186 yards due west of the pound center of the pond, but slightly north of that point. Pond shown above in the clearing.

Maps were downloaded from the various Google and ACME Mapper 2.1 sites and modified for use here to show the cemetery location. Revised 30 Aug 2015