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The view looks southwest from near Hardison Road. Both of the stones in the immediate vicinity are unmarked. The white military marker is for Nelson McKee a Confederate soldier who died shortly after being released from a northern prison.

Panning the camera around toward the south yields this scene. Many of the stones out there are misplaced footstones which were taken from their original place at the foot of a grave and placed in the row with other headstones creating the look of consistent rows of headstones when that is not the case. 
I witnessed an unusual scene between farm animals while there. The horses in the pasture straight ahead and the horses in the pasture on our right got into a dual when they came up next to each other across the fence. That occurred in those trees in the upper part of the photo. One never heard such a raucous as they set about stamping their feet, snorting & prancing around making noises I have never heard horses make. I thought they were going to break out into a serious fight but it mostly staged as a bluffing show. I suppose it must have been started by two competitive opposing stallions across the fences from different farms.

Photo & information by Wayne Austin 24 Feb 2009. Added here 18 Aug 2009.