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The Old James W. Kennedy Home on Mt Joy Road.

This is the home of Sarah Ann Stockard Kennedy Pugh Scribner Williams.  "Grandma Williams".
Pictured from left to right are :  Otto Kennedy, sitting is Sarah Ann Stockard Williams
standing left to right are Jenny Pearl Kennedy King holding a baby, Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy "Mammy", James W. Kennedy "Pappy". (Son of Weakley Gordon Kennedy and Sarah Ann Stockard Kennedy, "Grandma Williams") and two dogs.
The above picture is dated 1901.

During Feb 2005 this house was taken down piece by piece to be reconstructed in Maury Co somewhere as a museum.  Below is the last picture that will ever be taken of the house as it stood, there is a vacant spot on the face of the earth now.  This was the house where Mary Bob McClain Richardson's father Robert M. McClain was born.

 This is the side view of the house.  The mail box and the county line sit side by side to this property.  Going south on Mt. Joy Road if you look to your left just before the county line the house sits across the creek and this is the side you would see if it were still standing. The old wall paper was still on the wall.

Shelia Mcclain Williamson writes::  I  remember when I was a child we use to go to Pappa Turley's back to the old cabin where Mammy lived. You could find dried peach seeds scattered around from the many years of harvest. I remember Otto would pick up the seeds and whittle them into a miniature basket. We kids use to pick them up and play with them as anything like that was a prime toy since in those days toys sprung from anything of interest to our keen little eyes and hands. Those were the days when our precious daddy was with us. Pappa Turley would usually have a pocket full of candy that came from the nearby neighborhood store of Roy Milan's. 
We have really been blessed to have such a heritage as this.  Wayne thank you so much for bringing it all back to me!
                Sheila McClain Williamson, daughter. of David Leo McClain; granddaughter of Allie Mai Kennedy McClain; and great granddaughter of James W. Kennedy   

Photo and information by Mary Bob McClain Richardson 3/6/2005. Revised to add Shelia's story 3/30/2005