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MATTHEWS CEMETERY (Campbellsville Pike 1 mile south of Southport), MAURY COUNTY, TENNESSEE
Mapping the location

Area View: 3879,3878, 3903,3904,3905,3906,3907,3908,3909,3910,3911

HACKNEY, Louise Jane (Matthews), 20 Nov 1849 - 6 Jan 1875. "Wife of J.J. Hackney." (Maury Co. native; d/o Newt Harvey Matthews and Eliza Louiza Mack Matthews.) 3899,3900,3901,3902
MATTHEWS, Newton H. (Harvey),, 7 Jul 1810 -21 Mar 1886. "Father." Masonic Emblem. (h/o Eliza Louiza Mack on 2 Feb 1835 in Maury Co. Tn.) 3883,3884
MATTHEWS, Eliza L., 17 Mar 1811 - 7 Nov 1895. "Our Mother." (Nee Mack.) 3882,3884
MATTHEWS, L. B., 18 Sep 1852 - 1 Mar 1921. Footstone: "L.B.M." 3889,3890,3891
MATTHEWS, Fannie J., 8 Mar 1854 - 25 Dec 1902. "Wife of L. B. Matthews.", At Rest.", "and he asked us, well we know we should say, O spare the blow yes with streaming tears should pray Lord we loved her let her stay. In love she lived in peace she died. Her life was asked but God denyed." Footstone: "F.J.M."  3887,3888,3892
MATTHEWS, Emma Maude, 2 Jan 1882 - 29 Mar 1922. "Faithful to her trust, Even unto death." Footstone: "E.M.M."  3893,3894,3895
MATTHEWS, Ollie, 20 Jan 1885 - 17 Jul 1890. "daughter of L.B. & F. J. Matthews.", "Gone but not forgotten." 3885
MATTHEWS, Callie, 3 Nov 1891 - 2 Nov 1892. "Daughter of L. B. & F. J. Matthews.", Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven." Footstone: "C.M."  3886,3896
PAYNE, Infant, 4 Oct 1877 - 11 Oct 1877. "daut. of K. & S.P. Payne.", "Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest, God called thee home He thought it best." 3897,3898
PHELPS, M. A. Callie Matthews, 3 Jan 1847 - 19 Sep 1891. "Wife of Robert R. Phelps.", Footstone: "C.M.P."  (d/o Newton H. & Eliza Mack Matthews.) 3876,3877,3881

A nicely kept cemetery. An iron fence surrounds the lot. [F.L.H. 1987.]
The grounds & fence were still found OK in 2010, but most of the stones were fallen or knocked over. I stood a few of the smaller stones up and left the larger ones on the ground for lack of muscle power. The stones lying on the ground appeared to be the work of a recent vandal or cattle pushing them over. I have to lean toward a vandal since there are no cattle in the area now. Judging from the looks of the imprint of the stones lying on the ground and pine needles under the stone not yet rotted this proves these stones fell recently. The back end of the iron fence is down so cattle can now invade & plunder the cemetery at will. [W.A. 2010]

The grounds inside the fence was almost completely covered with a blanket of early blooming Jonquils. [F.L.H. early Spring of 1987] 
I found the grounds covered by Pine and Cedar needles from the large White Pines & Cedar trees overhead. [W.A. 2010]

Sources: Typing by Faye Bradford. Listing transcribed & edited by Mary Bob Richardson 10 Jun 2010 from photographs dated 20 Feb 2010 by Wayne Austin. Formatted and published here 11 Jun 2010 by Wayne Austin.

Other sources:  Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, visited 17 Feb 1987, Page 617, by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. (deceased, see his life story in Rock Springs Cemetery on this site) They Passed This Way, page A-68. 1961, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot (both deceased)