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This map shows the old incorrect and also the corrected coordinates of the Matthews Cemetery. For the longest I could not locate this cemetery because the coordinates were about 1/4 of an mile in error. The Red check in the center of the map is incorrect with the larger red check in the bottom of the map shows the corrected place. The nearby black dot showing as a house is no longer there. A house with log construction is now in the place of this structure further to the east more away from road. Trees obscure ones view of this cemetery from the road except the house can be made out. The house & Land was for sale when I visited the cemetery.

To find Matthews Cemetery go south from Columbia on Campbellsville Pike about 8 miles and continue on south about 1 mile past the junction of Southport Road and Campbellsville Pike (the road you are traveling on). Turn left into a log house driveway (with permission) and the cemetery is to the right and back of the house, but also to the right and back of a small outbuilding. At the driveway there is a board fence with a gate to negotiate. It is inside an old iron fence that is failing. The Cemetery is actually about 50 yards southeast of the house under a Pine & Cedar Thicket ignoring other structures.

This Aerial Map shows the Log House and location of the Matthews Cemetery in the clump of Pine & Cedars. The house as pointed out is difficult to make out in this image, but as you can see there are trees between you and the house if you are on the on Highway 245.

The Newton Matthews Cemetery at 5137 Campbellsville Pike (Highway 245).
Maps from: Topozone, MS streets & Trips ver. 2004 & MS Bing, all modified by Wayne Austin to show the location of this cemetery in detail. Visited there 20 Feb 2010 after having the location pointed out to me by a kind contributor who noticed this cemetery missing from the Cemetery web site.