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The long fallen gated entrance to the Maguire Cemetery with limestone columns for gate support. A generous Saw Briar growth is present along with other thorny bushes. No sign of the old original iron gate here.

Among this pile of half buried debris is the footstone of Charles G. Williams and the top cap of the large Williams Monument on our left, but not seen in this photo. See Williams Family Monument.

Photo was taken while standing on the wall of the cemetery shooting southwest. This gives one the impression this is just a brush thicket. It takes close inspection to know there are many grave memorials in there. So there are no credible area photos because of that. All around this thicket is well manicured lawns and buildings. It is so weird that we let this ugly mess grow up among us.

Photo and information by Wayne Austin 24 Feb 2009, late evening around 5:00 PM.