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In the City of Columbia, just off Campbell's Blvd., behind Hope Clinic. Turn Northwest just north of Greenwood Cemetery onto James Campbell Blvd and go 1/4 mi and turn left into the Hope Clinic premises and go about 100 feet behind and to the southwest corner of the facility building.

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LEONARD, Ellen, "Native of the County Fermanagh, Ireland. Emigrated to America in March, 1841 and died on 14 Dec 1841." (niece of Patrick Maguire)
LOONEY, Frank,
age 86. (Inscribed on fieldstone. Faded.)
LOONEY, Mary Ann,
d. 17 Jul 1840. (24-09-17.) 'Consort of David Looney. A kind friend, an affectionate wife and mother and more than all a true Christian. She lived by faith in the son of God, and slept in Jesus." (wife of Frank Looney; daughter of Patrick Maguire; Top of box tomb, dislocated and almost buried.)
LOONEY, (?).
born 1735 in Virginia; died 1810 in Tennessee. mar. Mary Ann McClellan in 1755 in Virginia. (Remains of large box tomb beside above, but I could not find top or inscribed sides. F.L.H. 1986. Saw the same in 2009, W.A.)
LOONEY, David,
son of David & Mary. (Childs box tomb, not found in 1986. It was listed in T.P.T.W., not found in 2009 either)
MAGUIRE, Patrick,
"Born in Inniskillen, Ireland 11 May 1775, died 18 Nov 1850." (found in 2009)
MAGUIRE, Martha (Kavanagh),
May 1796 - Oct 1858. "Wife of P. (Patrick) Maguire." (Stone broken.)
MAGUIRE, Ellen, Jan 1799 - 14 Oct 1844. "a native of the County Farmanagh, Ireland." (newly discovered stone, 2009)
MAGUIRE, Martha J. (Jane), daughter of Patrick & Martha Maguire, 1 Sep 1819 - 24 Oct 1836, age 17 yrs., 1 mo., and 13 days.
MAGUIRE, Emily, daughter of P. & M., 3 Apr 1825 - 13 Feb 1829, age 3 yrs., 10 mo., and 11 days. (new find, 2009)
MAGUIRE, Francis, Aged 50 years. (Born 11 Nov 1813, died Nov 1863; son of Patrick Maguire)
MAGUIRE, Nelson K.,
2 Oct 1833 - 10 Jun 1861. (Broken stone)
MAGUIRE, Charles P.,
died 28 Sep 1858, aged 27 years. (not found in 2009)
d. 24 Feb 1887, buried at Maguire Burial Ground in Columbia. (From St. Peter's Burial Records-no tombstone.)
MAYES, Corneila,
25 Jul 1825 - 7 Jul 1848. Married 8th Jul 1846. (wife of John Mayes, 1820 - 1887, tombstone never before published that I know of.)
McMANUS, John,
b. 1773 in the County Fermanagh, Ireland, died A.D. 1848, 25th of October. Emigrated to Columbia, Tenn., A.D., 1811." (cousin of Patrick Maguire; Mr Fred (1986) nor I (2009) found this stone.)
15 Sep 1818 - 2 Nov 1905. 
WILLIAMS, Maria Louisa Maguire,
25 Jun 1821 -17 Jul 1907. "Wife of John Williams." (Dau. Patrick and M. A. Maguire; d. in Louisiana.)
WILLIAMS, Charles Gentry,
7 Sep 1848 - Nov 1906.
WILLIAMS, Bradley Mayes,
18 Nov 1858 - 16 Jun 1867. (He died in Louisiana. Remains brought to Columbia and interred in Maguire Cemetery during 1899.)
WILLIAMS, John Ernest,
no dates, Infant son of John & Louisa Williams, Aged 6 months & 15 days.

"This was once a very imposing family cemetery, but has been abandoned for many years. The encroachment of the city, visits from vandals and searches by grave robbers have left few of the tombstones and box tombs in place. It is now a dump for cast-off stoves, refrigerators, etc." [Fred Lee Hawkins, 11 Dec 1986]

"This cemetery needs more analysis than the late evening visit I was able to make. The rock wall is buckling in places and the scattered stones from that are co-mingling with the memorial stone fragments leaving a difficult task of locating all the memorial fragments for re-assembly and gluing back together in the future.   It is completely overgrown, and infested with the effects of past vandals, Poison Ivy, Briars, Locust Thorns, and discarded trash from one-time ugly neighbors. I saw no evidence of recent vandalism. I suppose the vandals do not visit there anymore because of the hazards from Chiggers, Poison Ivy and thorns. I am sure at one time there was a scenic view out the back windows of the Hope Cinic. It is proven that patients in a serene environment fare better, but maybe they would not want to look at gravestones. That varies with the individual.   [W Austin, 24 Feb 2009

From: Dennis Maguire (for further contact)
Transcribed by Wayne Austin from the E-mail family history records of Dennis Maguire sent in by Mary Bob McClain, 20 Feb 2009. Slight revisions made to accommodate the above new information.

List of children & some grandchildren of Patrick & Martha Kavanagh Maguire

01. Francis Maguire (son, 1813- 1863, no other information, but, believed by me to be the Francis listed above)
02. Mary Maguire Looney, died 17 Jul 1840. (married to Frank Looney.)
                                (a) David Looney, (son)
03. Elenor Maguire Mayes (daughter, wife of Bradley Mayes.)
04. Martha Maguire, died 1 Sep 1819.
05. Maria Louisa Maguire Williams, 25 Jun 1821 - 7 Jun 1907, (married to John Williams, 5 Sep 1818 - 2 Nov 1905.)
                                (a) Charles Gentry Williams (son, 7 Sep 1848 - Nov 1906.
06. Cornelia Maguire Mayes, 1 Jul 1825 - 7 Jul 1848. (wife of John Mayes, Feb 1820 - Feb 1887.)
                                (a) John Mayes (son)
07. Emily Maguire (died age 8)
08. Susan Maguire Preston, (married to Colonel Preston who was killed in the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War.)
09. Charles Maguire (died 28 Sep 1858, age 27). Married to Mary Paul Johnson)
10. Nelson Kavanagh Maguire (2 Oct 1833 - 10 Jun 1861. (married to Mary Collier)
Added by CWA during 10 My 2017:
Another listing that may fit in here somewhere is that for: T.F. Maguire, 17 Dec 1849 - 17 Sep 1864, Age 15 years, & 9 months. "IHS" Rose Hill Columbia Tn: Block "O"

Listing published in these books: "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", compiled by Fred Hawkins 11 Dec 1986, page 270.
"They Passed This Way", 4 Nov 1961, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot, page A-176. Also on the internet on Find-A-Grave by Mary Bob McClain Richardson. Compiled here with the help of Mary Bob by Wayne Austin 20 Feb 2009. Photos added 24 Feb 2009 and included many revisions to prior publications.