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MACK, John, 1740 - 1814. The first of his name in this state. He was born in Scotland in 1740 and died in the 74th year of his age. An honest man. The noblest work of God. (Large box tomb the top of which is now badly faded.

MACK, Sarah, b. in Pennsylvania, d. in 83rd year of her age The only wife of John Mack (broken box tomb)

MACK, Polly, 2 Jul 1778 -18 Nay 1838. Wife of John Mack. (Top of tomb almost unreadable. This is possibly the wife of a son of the first John Mack, There is a fieldstone marking a grave beside this tomb, per Mr. Fred H.) Patti Heath writes: Polly Mack is the Wife of John A. Mack Jr. not Sr. Her maiden name was Polly GARNER and she married John Mack Jr. on 3 February 1799.  The others are listed in my Family book as well. So yes they are all Macks and related to me. I hope that helps. (NO PHOTO)

MACK, Narcissa T., 19 Jul 1813 - 3 Dec 1828, Age 15."Dau of William & Mary; Blesd are the dead that died In the Lord" thus weeping parents buld thir childrens tombs-we thine Narcissa." (NO PHOTO)

MACK, Narcissa Caladonia, 11 Jan 1830 - 30 May 1830 "Dau. John Arminius & Sarah Sophia." (Box tomb.) (NO PHOTO)

MURPHY, b. & d. 2 Oct 1838. "Dau. Miles P. & Eleanor J. C." (Eleanor J. C. was dau. of John & Sarah Mack.)(NO PHOTO) 

Area photo of the Cemetery showing the box tombs deep in the forest during 1980.