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Partial list of the burials

Cemetery Layout/Drawing by Ronnie Erwin

Photographic Views of the Cemetery

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Saturday, September 10, 2005 6:45 AM.
An E-mail from Ronnie Erwin to Paulette Carpenter, Maury County TNGENWEB Project revealed 
this information.

  This a very significant location in Maury County History, It contains numerous burial sites of so many 
earlier settlers. My family has continually attempted to clean up the cemetery over the years; however, 
they too are becoming small in number and much remains to be done. 
  Some work has been done to identify as many settlers in the cemetery as possible. This has resulted 
in even a greater love for this special place. It houses a minimum of 50 separate family names and a 
rough estimate of over 250 earlier settlers to Maury County. 
  The cemetery lies on the east side of the Fleming property south of Columbia (Off of Highway 31). 
It can also be reached, with some difficulty from Mooresville Pike. All of the fences have come down 
and livestock are, and do, freely roam the grounds. There are some beautiful monuments that have 
been damaged, if not destroyed by the constant activity of these animals coming in and out of the 
cemetery. I would be happy to share photos and listings (incomplete) with anyone interested. I would 
also be thrilled to coordinate or be part of any restoration and preservation of this very noteworthy 
cemetery. During the Summer of 2006, plans are to fence in the grounds (possible sow the area with 
grass and begin the cleaning process of the monuments.

Ronnie E. Erwin

If you have questions or comments about this cemetery you may E-Mail Ronnie Erwin at
This site was also at one time near the home of Joseph Brown one of the founding fathers of the city of Columbia, who hosted the City Court from his residence for three years until it was moved to present Columbia. 
Other materials on this cemetery may be found in the book "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", by Fred Hawkins, page 461-463, 1989. Mr. Hawkins refers to the cemetery as the Brown Cemetery and mentions much historical and genealogical information. Topographical maps show it as the Old City Cemetery. Also it is listed on page D-140 of the book "They Passed This Way", by Marise P Lightfoot & Evelyn B. Shackelford, 1963.