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Oak tree grown over a memorial stone. Tree may be as old as 130 years old.

H_ _ _ _, S. W., footstone, (1820-1850 style stone grown over by giant Oak tree. Footstone S.W.H.) (5084,85)
Inscription: Unknown, surname may be Haines.
Footstone with initials S.W.H. The tree is now decaying and one day will reveal the inscription of this stone as the large trunk decays and falls away. That may be at the expense of other stones around the tree because the giant tree limbs will die and likely break off and come smashing down on them. Based on the general way a large Red Oak dies after about 150 to 200 years. The trunk on this one already has major decay. 

Photo by Wayne Austin January 15, 2008. Published here 1/20/2008