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ESKEW, David Owen, 18 Aug 1828 - 30 Aug 1876. Co. F., 14th Tenn. Inf., C.S.A. (Son of Bryant & Polly A. Sowell Eskew; married to Elizabeth White Boles.)

WARFIELD, Franklin Benjamin
dates unknown. (This stone is crumbling and nothing else readable. Looks like a memorial style used between 1820 & 1860)

WARFIELD, Benjamon Franklin
died 15 Oct 1848, Aged 13 years, 9 months. (brother of Franklin B. Warfield. It is believed these brothers died on the Duck River at Suck Island in a drowning.

This is the site of the old Liberty Church of Christ which functioned from the 1848 to about 1940. The church house and cemetery have long been demolished. What is left there today of the cemetery is a couple of marked stones and about 60 or 70 fieldstones marking graves spread over a wide area of about 1 acre. Also left are piles of rock that lined the graves or were used in the old church building as foundation rock. Olden hand molded style brick can also be found on the site, but historical sources say this church building was of frame construction indicating the brick were used in a chimney or the foundation. The brick & rocks are left there today organized in groups by Johnny Eskew as a part of the cemetery restoration effort he is carrying out. Johnny is working on installing a military marker for David Eskew for his service during the Civil War.

Liberty Church of Christ History

An early Christian Church was organized on this site sometimes before 1830 meeting in the open air for a time. Reconstructed records show the church & cemetery grounds to be in an area of 1.8 acres. During the 1840s a log structure was erected.  Luke S. White in 1870 tore down the log church and erected a frame building at his own expense to further the Gospel. After many years as a community church the last service was conducted in the Winter of 1931. This building continued to stand until 1950 when it was salvaged to build Sunday School classes at Arkland Church of Christ. The members of this church had merged with the Arkland Church of Christ in nearby Sawdust.  Today (2009) the only sign of a church having been there is the remnants of this cemetery and foundation rocks. There are many graves here still today marked only with fieldstones. 

Also published in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, by Fred Lee Hawkins, Jr. Page 660; visited 14 Oct 2009; and "They Passed This Way" page A-170, about 1967. Additional source information from Jill K. Garrett's Hither & Yon Vol. I, page 89. Added to this site 26 Mar 2009 by Wayne Austin from 24 Mar 2009 visit & transcription effort.