The above house is located on Hay Long Ave. It was built in 1858. The old historical photo below shows a group having a CSA Reunion on the front lawn. This photo is in the possession of the family of Mary Bob McClain Richardson. These reunions started occurring after the prosperity of the 1890s (Roaring 90's) spawned celebrations of life and Americans especially southerners finally began to seriously heal the wounds of the Civil War. CSA reunions continued to occur around the south until something around the time of World War I (1918) when there were no longer enough old soldiers living to command a gathering.

Photos of the Reunion of Soldiers of the Civil War (early 1900s) occurred in a home still around Mt Pleasant. 

A Civil War memorial, watching over the Memorials to the Unknown Soldier, Mt Pleasant Tennessee.
Photo and information by Mary Bob McClain Richardson 5/05/2007.

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