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The red check shows the location of the Latta Cemetery. It is incorrectly labeled above as the Woody Cemetery. This is a major error and goes back to the 1950s mapping. The GPS Lat & Long is correct as shown above, so this is just a name issue. The Woody cemetery is northeast of this place another mile up Snow Creek Rd.
Map from Topozone modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 22 Jun 2009.

This map shows where all the roads are located that will take you to the Latta Cemetery, also incorrectly labeled here as the Woody Cemetery. The cemetery is shown with the square around it.

 Access from the road up the bank is dangerous & steep. There are two fences above the bank between you and the cemetery. One is a tall hog fence and the other is electric.

Directions today: From Santa Fe Pike (New Hwy 7) going northwest turn left onto Snow Creek Road and go 4 tenths of a mile and look right upon the bank of the road behind a barn at the three standing memorials there. You will then need to go back to the 1st house east of there on the north side for permission.
Map from MapQuest modified for this site by Wayne Austin,
22 Jun 2009.