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This is the view you will get of the Latta Cemetery from Snow Creek Road. There is no access here, because of lack of permission, the high bank, a tall hog fence & an electric fence. There are three memorials visible here but we see more stones because each memorial has a footstone. Even several tall fieldstones are visible from here.

In addition to the tall memorial stone for Samuel Latta seen on our right (and its footstone) we see here several fieldstones standing on end marking the head and or foot of graves. The brown patches are the dung of livestock who also inhabit this space. Two more stones are visible to our right and many more fieldstones. The use of formal inscribed stone did not come into widespread use until about 1815. However, one cannot arbitrarily conclude that these fieldstone were for deaths before 1815 as the lack of inscribed stones continued to be a tradition in some circles.

This photo is looking at the two remaining headstones south of the above ones. They are for a mother and her daughter by the surname Neely. The footstone for the far stone is still standing.
The near memorial footstone is leaning against the large tree trunk on our left out of view. A pointed fieldstone leaning to our left is also faintly seen just behind the far tree trunk in this photo. It marks the grave of an unknown interment.

This view from further down the hill looks back up northeastward at the cemetery from an angle which shows the three tall memorials standing. From here we see both the Latta & two Neely memorials. The massive trees have benefited by the softer soils which were disturbed when burials took place here nearly two hundred years ago.

This is a clear view of the three standing memorials here along with the footstone leaning against the tree. The tree closest to us is a Sugar Maple and is probably about 100 years old and behind that is a large Red Oak which may be a couple of hundred years old and could have been around when this graveyard was active. Notice the old barn in the background as a way to help locate this graveyard.

Information (23 Jun 2009) & photos (24 Mar 2009) by Wayne Austin. Added here 23 Jun 2009.