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 The Lasting Hope Cemetery is a very old and historic Cemetery located in the Carters Creek Community. From Carters Creek Road turn east on Butler Road and go one mile. The Cemetery is on the left. 

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Views of the Cemetery by Rick Gray, Michelle Batte & Wayne Austin

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Rev. R. D. King was one of the early circuit riders of the C. P. Church in Middle Tennessee. In 1825 he made one of his normal trips through Maury County and heard of the need of a congregation in the Carter's Creek area, A woman, named Mrs. R. T. Lockridge, concerned about the moral decay of the neighborhood, had taken upon herself the task of praying for a change to occur. Rev. King, upon hearing of the need and of the interest, arranged to preach in the
home of Mrs. Lockridge. Great interest was aroused and a congregation formed.

The first building was a small one, built of hewn poplar logs, cut from the virgin forest of the neighborhood. Mr. Lockridge donated the land. Later, a frame building was constructed on the same site and this remained until burned by Federal soldiers during the Civil War. For a few years during the war the congregation ceased to function on a regular basis. It started again with the return of the Confederate veterans and soon a new building rose upon the same spot. This one was used until 1910 when the members decided to replace the old structure. Although the congregation never grew very large, it was able to carry on its work and even to build its new building without going into debt. In 1919, however, fire destroyed the build ing and the church decided that it would be better to disband the congregation. Today all that remains to show where this series of buildings set is the old cemetery.