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Directions 29 Oct 1987: In Isom, on south side of Cathey's Creek, between barn & barn on Hyle Cathey place. 
Directions 28 Oct 2008: Veer off of Hampshire Pike onto Taylor Store Rd. and after 3/4 mile turn left on Catheys Creek Road. When that road bends sharply right or north then turn left into the Worley & Jones Cemetery Gravel Roads.  This happens to be the old community of Isom. Follow the left fork of the road (marked Jones Cemetery Rd) up the hill toward the farm house. The cemetery is on your right on the same hill as the sprawling Jones Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  There are two barns there and the cemetery and rock wall are just (or the other side) south of the 2nd barn between the barn and the Jones Presbyterian Church Cemetery.     Maps of the location   View of the cemetery

KING, Hugh Blanche, 7 Dec 1881 - 1 Nov 1884. "Daughter of J. A. & I. B. King."
31 Mar 1796 - 4 Oct 1868. 72-6-4, (Born in N.C.; immigrated to Tenn., 1800; War of 1812.)
KITTRELL, Betsy Hunter,
23 Apr 1798 - 7 Jan 1865. 66-4-14, (Nee Rutherford; mar. George Kittrell 18 Feb 1818.)
14 Feb 1823 - 16 Nov 1895. "born Sumner Co., Tenn; Our Father and Mother,"
KITTRELL, Permelia A.,
died 23 Sep 1884. "born Bedford Co., Va; married 23 Jul 1845."
KITTRELL, Thomas M.,
8 Jan 1836 - 1 Jun 1876. 40 yrs 4 ms & 23 Days, "Husband of Elizabeth Kittrell; Mason."
KITTRELL, Martha H.,
21 Nov 1864 - 21 Apr 1874. "Daughter of J. R. & M. J. Kittrell."
27 Dec 1867 - 25 Feb 1872. "Daughter of Benjamin G. & Martha Kittrell."
KITTRELL, George A.,
30 Aug 1874 - 6 Oct 1874. "Infant son of G. W. & M. J. Kittrell." (stone not found in the thickets Oct 2008, may have fallen.)
19 Jan 1882 - 26 Jul 1886. "Son of B. C. & M. J. Kittrell."
30 Mar 1885 - 4 Oct 1885. "Daughter R. H. & Sue Kittrell."
KOONCE, Mary Elizabeth,
5 Apr 1819 - 12 Jan 1857. "Consort of J. H. Koonce."
STALEY, Julia G.,
5 Oct 1827 - 4 Oct 1872, "wife of G. D. Staley." 44-11-29.

This small cemetery is enclosed in a high rock wall with no entrance. It is badly grown-up in bushes and weeds with the trees threatening the wall and the memorials. Mr. Fred said this in 1987 and it is even more true today 28 Oct 2008, 21 years to the day later. The wall next to the barn is collapsing under the lower part and will soon completely fall on that side leaving a place 10 feet wide without a fence. 

Sources: They Passed This Way, page A-136, about 1967; Cemeteries of Maury County Tennessee, page 695 by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. 29 Oct 1987.
Originally transcribed by Mary Bob McClain Richardson.  Photos and transcriptions by Wayne Austin updated to an improved level of accuracy, except for the missed or lost stone above.