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KOONCE, Mary Elizabeth, 5 Apr 1819 - 12 Jan 1837. "Consort of J. H. Koonce."
It is not fashionable to pick on prior researchers errors, but they (use no names) called the death date here as 1857 when it is in fact 1837. That is the difference in the numeral three and five. These two numerals are the same except for the five has a faint cross bar connecting the lower part to the upper cross bar vertically as shown here: whereas the three has a faint bar traversing diagonally from the upper part of the character to the back side of the upper cross bar as shown:. That can be very subtle in a quick reading of the stone can be missed. Another clue? This is not normally an 1857 era stone as those tended to be in styles.
Photo & info by Wayne Austin. 28 Oct 2008.