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Staley headstone. Worst thicket I have ever seen, but managed to get photos of most of the memorials. 

G. W. Staley 1851 - 1936.

L.M. Staley 1874 - 1916.

Fannie Staley Beakley 9 Jan 1884 - 16 Oct 1942.

Malinda W. Staley, 1855 - 1927.

W.W. Staley 1889 - 1932

W.D. Staley 1872 - 1953.

R.K. Staley 1878 - 1956.

STALEY, G.W., 1851 - 1936.
STALEY, L.M., 1874 - 1916.
BEAKLEY, Fannie Staley Akin, 9 Jan 1884 - 16 Oct 1942. (Wife of Will Beakley; daughter of S.W. & Mary Alice Kirk Akin.)
STALEY, Malinda W., 1855 - 1927. (Nee: McClanahan; married George Staley on 29 Dec 1870.)
STALEY, W.W., 1889 - 1932. (Son George W. & M.W. Staley; never married.)
STALEY, W.D., 1872 - 1953.
STALEY, Robert Kittrell, 1878 - 1956. (Son George W. & M. W. Staley; hotel operator in Linden, Tenn.)
STALEY, J.D.., 1876 - 1916. (stone not found but is probably there in the brush)

This is about the worst thicket I have ever tackled without using brush cutting equipment. When I first went into this area of the cemetery (surrounded by a separate wrought iron fence) I could only see the corner of the large family monument shown above. After there and kicking around and mashing briars down in the bush I uncovered one of the footstones. That was photographed and I continued displacing the vines and discovering more. When I had found all I could the above record is the result. The writers of "They Passed This Way" in about 1963 were the last researchers who found these stones. Mr. Fred Hawkins did not find them in 1987. That is understandable given how well hidden in the bush they were. In my haste I forgot that I had a machete in the trunk of the car and could have cut some of the brush away instead of tearing and pushing the vines to the side. It was 4:45 PM and this was the last photos of some 1200 for the long day and I tiredly headed back to Alabama.
My recommendation to the caretaker committee of the Kittrell Cemetery is to take the side of the fence down between these monuments and the main cemetery and include this area in the maintenance. Use brush killer the first time and then clear the dead brush. The area can be mowed after that as it will hardly add five minutes to the mowing.
Photo & information 28 Oct 2008 & publication here 22 Nov 2008 by Wayne Austin. (Parenthetical data mostly from Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, by Fred Hawkins, but also comes from Peggy McAnally)