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The Shannon, Patton, Bingham & other area fenced separately from the rest of the cemetery.

The large memorial of the Bingham family in the distance. Nearer are the Wilson family memorials.
More Bingham memorials inside another fence.

We see just the top of the Evans memorial here. This is the typical abandoned cemetery look with the brush and limbs everywhere. Trees constantly die and shed limbs to fall all around. 

On the back side of the cemetery there are few marked memorials. There are many fieldstones marking graves but they are hard to spot with the dense foliage all around. This cemetery is about 4 acres sprawling over a forest.

Another view looking east on the backside of the cemetery.

Above is seen a grouping of rocks. There are many of these in this cemetery. They piled up rocks from the nearby pastures to be used to mark graves, cover graves to keep the groundhogs from digging and also to build rock fences. There was also at one time a Presbyterian Church on this premises that had a rock foundation.

This is one of many such enclosed fences within this cemetery. Families were selecting plots and laying out these separate areas which did gives one the impression there are several small cemeteries inside a large area. 
Photos and info by Wayne Austin. 28 Oct 2008.