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This topographical map shows the GPS Coordinates of the Willis Jones Cemetery, but the roads are obsolete on this map and cannot be utilized to find this cemetery. The topography is great though

Road Map showing the route and mileage from the intersection of 43 and Hwy 7. 
Directions 1987: In Santa Fe, just before reaching the Post Office, turn left and go about 3/4 mile to Beatty Farms. The cemetery is in area occupied by barns. It is surrounded by an iron fence. Directions 2009 updated for new roads: Go out Hwy 7 (Santa Fe Pike) passing by the Snow Creek Road. Snow Creek Road is also a cross over to the old Santa Fe Pike, but pass on by that continuing on the new road and you will start up a long slope. As you get well into the climb (about 3 tenths of a mile) look to your left at the farms over in the Creek Valley, at the old Beaty Farm place. At least one house and several barns are seen in the distance. Continue up the slope but just before the tree line on the left & right picks up turn left into the long downward driveway and at the bottom stop at the house on your left for permission and directions to visit the cemetery. The yellow arrow I have added here continues the path to the cemetery but it is bit rocky & hazardous in spots to city dwellers, so caution here is needed. This is active cattle ranching here, so be careful not to disturb the livestock or stir up the Bulls, otherwise you might need a Rodeo Clown.

An Aerial Map shows highlighted in yellow the travel route with the cemetery marked with a red cross. Recognize this is a private drive after one turns off of Highway 7 and permission must be secured. The current owners welcome cemetery visitors and keep records of such, so tell them your story and leave your card, but please, no surprise visits. All this is private farm assets. When you turn left into the private drive following the yellow arrows the slope is quite steep so careful there. 

The road marked Beatty Farm Ln no longer exist or is plotted in the wrong place by Bing Mapping here so ignore that. The turn off as shown above is another 200 yards north up the slope.
Maps from Topozone, MS Bing Mapping, modified by Wayne Austin 10 Oct 2009.