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ROTH, E. (Emile), 16 Jun 1829 - 25 Jan 1883. "Husb. of M. W. Roth."
ROTH, Nanny Lou Kennedy, 1837 - 1881. "1st wife, E.C. Roth; Mother of Jessie, Grace, Edna, Emile, & Seth." (Hunter Meetinghouse - "Died in Christian Faith.")
ROTH, Martha W. Johnson, b.? - died 1894, (2nd wife of Emmanuel).  Fieldstone marked grave beside Nannie Lou Kennedy Roth. felt to be the grave of Martha Roth, 2nd wife of E.C. who died by her own hand on 21 Oct 1894. (These graves are inside small iron fence.)

ROTH, Emmanuel/"Emile", born 16 Jun 1829 in Germany and died 25 January 1883. He was buried at historic Hunter Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee. On 25 June 1866 he married Nannie Lou Kennedy, daughter of 
Robert Gordon Kennedy and Caroline Moody. She was born in 1837 and died in 1881. His tombstone reads: "Husband of M. W. Roth Born June 16, 1829, Died Jan 25 1883" Her tombstone reads: "Nannie Lou Kennedy
Wife of Emile Roth 1837 - 1881 Mother of Jessie, Grace, Edna, Emile, Seth Died In The Christian Faith" (Note: The M. W. refers to Emile's second wife, Martha W. Johnson, who hung herself in Mt. Pleasant 
in 1894. There is no marking for her grave here but room enough for her to be buried beside Emile)
Coroner's Report, maury County, Tennessee, Mt. Pleasant, 21st day of October, 1894, R.D. Ricketts, J.P.- Inquest of Mrs. martha Roth, Jurats do say that Mrs. Martha Roth came to her death by hanging herself with a rope fastened to a rafter in the garrett of her house and tied around her neck therefore producing death according to evidence of T.C. Cross and Luther Benderman. Jurors were: IRWIN, RICKETTS, COOPER, BURNETT, WEAVER, IRWIN, and STEWART. Mrs. Roth, postmistress of Mt. Pleasant, committed suicide while her six children were at church on 21 October; locked all doors and windows and hanged herself; paper dated 15 Oct 1894. (Note: Five of these six children mentioned were her step-children.) Ref: "The Hunter Meetinghouse and It's Cemetery Records" 1983; by McKennon & Hendrix.

Information and photo supplied by Rick Gray, 1/8/02003. Revised photo of Nannie's memorial by Mary Bob McClain Richardson 4/2/2005.