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KING, Tennie, 29 Jan 1854 - 14 Jul 1875. (Chennault Lot.) 
As one can see this stone has fallen and also broken. To make this stone new again would take the following steps: first set and level the base at least 1.5 feet deep into the soil. Next remove that old gooey cheap glue by cutting & scrapping it off from the bottom and top of the broken halves and also using a steel brush to clean & smooth up the surfaces to be bonded. Next use a glue called Sakidur 35 that will bond the two halves together permanently. Apply the glue sparingly covering about 30% of the bonding surfaces. If you have done a good job of leveling the base and cleaning the surfaces you can apply the glue, set the top and base together and walk away knowing you have done a good job. by Wayne Austin 4/27/06]
Information and photo by Mary Bob McClain Richardson, Visited there 4/16/06.