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 Let me tell you about my first trip to Hunter Cemetery with my Mother (Helen Cook McClain). I was visiting Mother one summer after Daddy had died. That would have been during 2003. He died in February of that year.
We were in her sitting room and I ask her if she knew the location of Hunter Cemetery. She looked at me like I had lost it. "Of course I know where Hunter Cemetery is, why?" she said. "When I was a kid, people were still being buried there." So I ask her if she felt like taking me there if it wasn't to far. Here we go, Mama drove. (she is at that age everyone else's scares her.) Coming out of her drive way we turned right, went to the first red light in Mt. Pleasant on Main Street, we turned left and went straight until you get to a group of houses on the left that used to be called "Scott Town". All the people that worked the mines lived there. Past that is a fork in the road, bear left going toward Arrow Lake. It is only about 1/2 mile on the left.
"Where is the cemetery?" I asked Mama. I saw the little white sign but no tombstones. But right next to this weedy area was a really well kept nice cemetery. It was Hunter Cemetery too! Then Mother told me that is where the African American people are buried and it was very nice.
So I got out of the car, and waded thru this mass of bushes and saplings, it was unbelievable to my mind!
When I reach a spot that I could actually see something it was a very imposing memorial stone. In fact at this early stage of my cemetery interest, it was the tallest one I had ever seen. Standing in one spot I looked around in a circle and thought, "Is my beloved McClain Cemetery ever going to look like this, the very place where I chose for my remains to rest?"
I discover that day my grandma WILLIAMS father RICHARD STOCKARD is buried in this very cemetery. How am I going to ever find his grave? I did not want to keep Mother sitting out in the car so I trampled back to the road.
We stopped in Mt. Pleasant at the Museum on the Square and I found the last paperback book on Hunter Cemetery. It was coming unglued but I purchased it anyway. I learned when the cemetery was established and some very interesting topics. There was even a picture of some of the graves! in other words you could tell it was a cemetery.
Then and there I knew I would have to go back out there and take pictures of Hunter Cemetery. In the winter when the snakes weren't crawling and some of the foliage had died back from the cold. So now we know the motivating force that propelled me back to Hunter Cemetery for the research & Photography that built this site.
From the list page you can find pictures of Hunter Cemetery the oldest section. These were taken March 22, 2005. Mary Bob McClain Richardson