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This map shows the accurate GPS based on the Actual Imagery of Google mapping. Maps I have seen in other layouts if switched to Aerial view show the GPS too far north and west about 600 yards. National mapping has this incorrectly plotted as 35.53202 X 87.1467. It is incorrectly placed up next to the junction of Trousdale Lane.

To find this cemetery go west from Campbellsville Pike (Hwy 245) on Reese Church Road for 2 1/4 miles and look south (or left) at a grove of trees in a cow pasture where the cemetery is located. The Grove (or clump) of Trees is about 200 yards from the road. With permission, you will have to go thru a locked gate and into the lane of an old historic home on private property then across a cow pasture to get to the grove of trees where the cemetery is located. The Red Check below on the two maps points to the grove of trees. This image from MS streets & Trips has been corrected for the GPS location mentioned above.

This image from MS Bing shows the cemetery in the tree thicket with a red check marking it. It also shows you the path I took to get to this cemetery, part of which is an old residential road and the rest is pasture.

I am sure the old house south west of the cemetery seen here with the green top is old enough to have been lived in by some of the folks in this cemetery. We can see the clump of trees where the cemetery is located. The western part of the tree area is gouged out land caused from left over damage from Phosphate Mining in the past.
Maps from MS Streets, MS Bing and modified Topozone mapping. Revised 26 May 2012.