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Mapping the Location

Area Photo of the Cemetery, Looking North: Photo#1
Area Photo of the Cemetery, Looking South toward the Lake: Photo#2
Area Photos of the Cemetery: Photo#3 / Photo#4
Photo from Miller Lake Rd showing path to Cemetery: Photo#5

HUBBELL, George Washington, 5 Feb 1841 - 31 Aug 1842. George Washington's headstone has been struck
by a tree and is leaning.

Memory of
George Washing-
ton Hubbell was
born Feb. 5th
1841. and died
August 31st 1842. 
Photo#6 / Photo#7

Footstone: G. W. H.

HUBBELL, Elizabeth Adaline, 25 May 1843 - 4 May 1845. (footstone  initials - E. A. H.)
Memory of
Elizabeth Adal-
ine Hubbell was
Born May 25th
1843. and died
May 4th 1845.

Footstone: E. A. H.

Salty Dawg - 2013:
On this Lord's day November 12, 2013, I was fortunate to visit the Hubbell graves on Miller Lake Road. The owner of the lake was very kind to allow me leeway to the graves and neighbors helped me locate them. At first I searched for them using Google maps online, but the location was wrong. Here are the exact GPS coordinates of the cemetery: 35.45845, -87.110372

There are only two graves:  George Washington Hubbell and Elizabeth Adaline Hubbell. I didn't have paper to copy the names... going by memory.

The graves were not hard to find, just off the bank of the lake in the woods. You can tell that the cemetery has been peacefully left alone. There's no sign of a fence or wall, and also no sign of visitors for many years. I was impressed to find the graves still standing with fairly readable inscriptions. Both graves have foot stones with their initials: G. W. H. and E. A. H.

The cemetery is in a beautiful location with the lake just 200-300 feet away.  I parked in the sharp bend on Miller Lake Road, then climbed beside the dam of the lake. The walk was only about 400 feet.

Next time I visit (very soon), I will take a camera and paper to copy / photograph the inscriptions. (done & shown above)

God Bless,   Andrew Tomlin  < >

On the Lord's day November 18, 2013, I made another visit to these graves. This time taking my camera to photograph the stones. Andrew Tomlin
Also found listed on page A-67 of the book, They passed This Way, published in the 1960s. Listing above taken from Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries by Fred Hawkins, but originally the listings came from the book They Passed This Way. C. Wayne Austin, 22 Nov 2013