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We are standing on the hill just above and south of the Howard Cemetery. Ahead to our left among the Cedar and hardwood thicket is the Howard Cemetery with marked stone from the 1840s to the 1905. Going to our right is the grain silo built by Chick Harris when he at one time owned and ran a dairy farm operation here. just down and to the right is the old Howard/Kittrell/Harris antebellum house now in serious decay. It is not as large as some in the county. It appears to have about 10,000 square feet it is not a true two story home but about 1.75 stories as the rooms upstairs have curved room tops which recognizes the contour of the roof. 
Photo and Info by Wayne Austin 4/14/04.

A view looking southwest from inside the Howard Cemetery at the tumbled and upright memorials. To our immediate front is an area for graves marked only with fieldstones. The two identical (old style) stones in the right center of the cemetery are those of John D & Mary Nelson and the (unseen) fallen stone just to the right of that is for their small daughter. They all have Sept 1845 as the death date. To the left in our photo is a small stone (leaning against the left side of a tree) of William(s) D. Howard. Just behind that is the fallen stone of Lt. William F. Coffee a Confederate Officer and Civil War Casualty killed in (what we term today as) guerilla style warfare that engulfed this area in the later part of the Civil War. Further back in the center of the photo are the two stones of Willoughby and Frances (Cochran) Howard the original progenitors of this cemetery and I believe founders of the old home place this cemetery sits on. Further back and to the right is the stone of Sarah Elizabeth, the wife of Bithal Howard, a prominent Banker a grandson of Willoughby. Though it is not apparent from the condition of this cemetery all these folks were in the upper echelons of our early society in the 1800s. The broken stone in the center left of the photo belongs to Nancy Isabel Howard, 1st wife of J. D. Howard.
Photo by Wayne Austin 4/4/04.