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Mapping the location
  Hogan genealogy letters.

Hogan Cemetery Overview photos:  8046/8047/8048/8049/8050/8051/8052

HOGAN, Elizabeth, 19 Dec 1799 - 26 Oct 1858. Aged 58 Years 10 Months & 7 days. 
Inscribed as: "In memory of ELIZA.BETH HOGAN  who was born December 19th 1799 Departed this life  October 26 1858. Aged 58 years 10 Mos 7 days." 8043/8043A/8044

HOGAN, John. 19 Dec 1810 - 5 Aug 1843. Aged 33. (Broken and stone crumbling away.)
Inscription illegible  and could not be presented  8045/8045/A

HOGAN, Josiah, (dates and other information not discernable on the stone.) *
Inscription illegible  and could not be presented  8045/8045/A

HOGAN, Mary Jane, 20 Jun 1826 - 20 Oct 1840. Aged 14 Years, & 4 Months. 
Inscribed as: "Mary Jane Hogan was born June 26, 1826, Died October 20th 1840 aged 14 years 4 months." 8041/8041A

* John Hogan Married Elizabeth Payne Daughter of Daniel And Nancy Paine Paine, Daniel And Nancy were First Cousins.  John And Elizabeths were known to have Eleven Children. [note from Rose Higgins a Hogan Cemetery researcher.]

* John Hogan and Josiah Hogan are buried in the same grave. they died at the same time. I don't know how, but I figure it was an illness as there was a black tongue plague during that time. This new information also matches the headstone rubbings. The rubbings show information on two different people but only partial information could be gleaned from the rubbing. [note from Rose Higgins a Hogan Cemetery researcher.]

This graveyard was once larger without a doubt. I was unable to find any field stones standing. A neighbor told me that some years ago, when the area was being prepared for farming, the bulldozer hit at least one stone before the operator even knew the cemetery was here. This might have been the stone for John Hogan, which is now broken. or one that I could not find.

Graves marked with fieldstones: None were found & Fred Hawkins said there were none when he was there in 1988.

This publication is based on an on-site visit to the Hogan Cemetery 29 Sep 2009 by Wayne Austin accompanied by Bobby Chaffin a neighbor and cousin of mine. The cemetery was photographed complete s could be found in the brush. Other publications where information can be found on this cemetery are: Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. listed 8 Mar 1988 on page 610. Also published in  the book "They Passed This Way", 1963, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot, page A-71.