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Toney Payne letter 2 Nov 2009:

Thanks Rose Higgins for allowing me to converse. Greetings Wayne Austin. I am a 1st cousin to Fred Lee Hawkins, His Mother and my Father were Brother And Sister, He has a son living in Columbia,  or did when Mr. Fred passed away, Fred did much research and transcriptions of Cemeteries in Maury County. [Now thats an understatement WA 25 May 2010]

The three readable stones are part of mine and Freds Family. Namely from Daniel Payne and His Wife Nancy Paine/Payne, (Spelling presented as Each Person Used)

As I related to Rose Saturday, Daniel And Nancy Were First Cousins Their Daughter Elizabeth "Betsy" Payne married John Hogan, Their daughter Mary Jane is The third proven burial here.

By the way Wayne, Daniels folks, most of them went on to Missouri and Arkansas from Maury County. His Sister Catherine Paine married Samuel Austin who is buried in Hazlewood Cemetery In Missouri, Catherine is buried somewhere in Burke County N. C. If you connect there you could have a touch of Payne in you. [Note by Wayne Austin: No Toney I have accounted for all my recent ancestry in Maury County and so maybe this Samuel Austin connects back in Burk County N.C., but not in Maury County. Last ancestor I had about the age of Samuel is a Drewy Austin 1855 - 1831, who was from Anson County N.C. and died in Lincoln Co Tn. W.A. 25 May 2010. Those two guys could be brothers or cousins, but I don't info that connects them. ]

Thanks Rose for the contact. You have no idea how many John Paynes there are. About every generation in every family, Named their children after their brothers, 
Toney Payne.
Rose Higgins letter 3 Nov 2009:
I found a will of John's father "David" leaving his property to his youngest son Wiley. It is dated 1834. also, I have been examining the census records and comparing them to the headstone of John Hogan. I believe John Henry and his brother Josiah are buried together behind my house in the Hogan Cemetery without headstones. According to census records, John's son "John" was born in 1830. The only one born 1810 is his brother Josiah and it shows them dying the same time and Josiah was 33 at his time of death. The top of the stone definitely says "John" and his information plus some of Josiah. I am going to try and do another rubbing this evening and see if I can get the stone to read better. If this proves to be true, the Hogans who are shown as died in Stiversville, Maury County, Giles County, and Hogan Cemetery during that timeframe are probably all in my back yard. I originally thought the graveyard was the immediate family of John Henry Hogan but now it is appearing it is of his family coming from his father David. David might also be buried there as he died in the timeframe as well.