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The blue pointer shows where the cemetery is actually located as opposed to where this GPS detail says it is located. The corrected GPS is 35 degrees 26.4924' X 54 degrees 3.3734'.

Here we can see the major roads needed to travel to this cemetery. Directions: From Stiversville on Highway 31 turn west onto road to Southport. Go one and a half miles. Along this 1 and 1/2 miles follow the road up the incline and then down the other side and around the curve. When the road straightens out go to the second Drive and the cemetery is behind that house. This was the Lonnie Ingram place in 1987. The cemetery is in the thicket behind a new modular house, but the owner had plans to clear the cemetery. The above map shows the cemetery down too close to the creek to be correct. It is actually located just a few hundred feet northwest of where it is pegged on this map.

This map gives the hill topography in a unique manner so that it becomes clear the location of the Hogan Graveyard. 
This Aerial view shows the roads highlighted in yellow to get you to this cemetery. This image was taken before the Modular House was built.

Notice in this close in Aerial view the clump of trees where the cemetery is located on the north side of Stiversville Road. It is behind a Modular house which blends in with the terrain and is hard to see on this map, but we have it pointed out.
Maps from USGS Topographical, MS Streets & Trips 2004 & Google & MapQuest modified for this site by Wayne Austin,
20 May 2010.