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This topographical map shows the brown lines of elevation indicating the cemetery is 700 feet above sea level. The old Hill home was down the hill next to the road and nearer to Silver Creek. Silver Creek was a major source of water for their livestock and the family. When folks died in the times this cemetery was active they took them upon the highest hill on their property and laid them to rest in small family cemeteries. Many of these little cemeteries are lost today. Some because the headstones are fallen and sunken below the soil. Others have been irreverently destroyed by the modern bulldozer. Actually this space is too short to enumerate all the ways old cemeteries are lost. If one did not include cemetery records for the last 50 years I believe we are missing about 30% of the cemetery records that once thrived for the white population. If one included the black and indian populations that could be as high as 50% not including prehistoric indians.

This aerial map - larger scale - shows the roads that will take you to the cemetery. The cemetery is highlighted in the yellow circle. Go out Hwy 50 east toward Lewisburg for about 6 miles and turn north or left on Bryant Rd. Follow that for about a mile and turn left or north on Blue Springs Rd. Almost immediately turn back right on Hill Station Rd. Go about 300 yards and the farm where the cemetery is located is the first farm on the left and the farm road that branches left goes to the house while the right branch (private also, permission required) goes thru a gate north up the hill toward the cemetery.

This Aerial Map from MapQuest shows the clump of trees where the cemetery can be found. That is the road, house and farm road in the bottom of the map that can be taken (crossing private property, so with permission) to go there.
Maps from Topozone & MapQuest modified graphically for this site, by Wayne Austin 20 Jan 2008.