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The tall broken memorial in the center of the rock wall. The Spire leaning on the memorial from the right belongs to the large memorial base in the upper right of the photo.

Symbolism on the top of the stone which I do not recognize: Circular, Top:O.S.B.T. - bottom:K.F.C.N.D. center:A.M.Y.R.

WEAR, N.J., 25 Jul - 16 Sep 1851. "daughter of Rev. W.D. & N.J. Wear." 
Many characters are missing on this inscription. The memorial is splintering on the right (our) side. The top has fallen and is separated from the base.
I believe this monument contains the inscription for Nancy Jane Wear the mother of the baby also interred here. I looked for dual inscriptions but somehow missed it or it is covered in debris.

Photo and information by Wayne Austin. Based on photos dated 23 Dec 2008. Added here 20 Jan 2009.