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WHITE, William B. (Brantley), 1861 - (7 Apr) 1942. (Native of Lawrence Co. Tn; s/o Albert Jack Major White and Louisa Voss White; d. Murfreesboro.)
WHITE, Frances H., 1883 - 1968. (nee Holly.)


Birth: born about 1829 in North Carolina

Death: Between 1900 and 1910 in Crockett County, Tennessee




1)     Louisa Voss (born about 1830; died abt. 1861); married October 21, 1851. Daughter of James Voss (1820-1860) and Rebecca Harrelson (born 1800; died ?).



1.     George Elmore White – b.1852; Sarah Callie Josephine Pennington (b.        11/14/1864) m. on 1/15/1883; children: Eva b. 1885, Morris b. 1986, Eula       Hazel b. 1888, Brackin b. 1890, and Clarence b. 1892.

2.     Sarah Virginia White –  born 1855.; married John Dale who was killed by lightning while riding a horse.  On Nov. 27, 1892, Sarah married Flint Nathaniel Glassbrook.  They eventually separated or divorced.  She moved to New Mexico in her later years and lived with a granddaughter (Betty's daughter).  She is buried in or near Espanola, New Mexico.        


Sarah’s Children:


Elizabeth “Betty” (b. 1874)


Looney Alexander White born Nov. 25, 1876 in Maury County, TN, died     Nov. 23, 1966, in the Brace community of Lawrence County.  He is buried    in the John Lay Cemetery in Ethridge, TN behind the Ethridge Church of     Christ.  He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. 


                       Jimmy& Bonnie (died as infants)


                       Louella Easterwood (2/29/1880 - 8/20/1970) Birmingham, AL


                       Mamie Palmer (2/9/1882 - 8/30/1960) Birmingham, AL


                       Joe White (9/15/1884 - 4/29/1935) Henryville, TN; possible married Mattie S., b. 1884, d. 1975 (Henryville Cemetery)


3.     James M. “Jim” White -- born 1859, died 4/5/1942 in Rutherford Co; married Beulah B. Stallings (1865-1945) on 12/21/1882. After his children     were grown, he left his wife and them in Oklahoma and came back to live in first Maury County, then Rutherford County with his brother William        Brantley.

Children by Beulah:


                       Clyde b. 1884

                       Claude b. 1887

                       Willie b. 1889

                       Charles b. 1890

                       Otis b. 1892

                       Jewel b. 1895

                       Clara b. 1899

                       Glen b. 1901

4.     WILLIAM BRANTLEY WHITE -- born March 4, 1861 died April 7,         1942 in Rutherford County; William Brantley married  Katie Belle   King    (b. April 25, 1865; d. October 13, 1954) in 1884 (divorced probably around 1908); he then married Frances Holly (1883 - 1968) June 2, 1909.

                        Katie Belle King later married Frank Gibson (August 15, 1856 - October 18, 1941). They married May 18, 1911.

 2)     Eliza Massey was Albert Jack Major’s second wife (born around 1830; died between 1880 and 1900); married July 6, 1862. Eliza’s maiden name may have been Swafford. She was Clem Massey’s wife before marrying Alfred Jack.


                                    Forrest  b. 1862

                                    Ellen b. 1865

                                    Sue b. 1868

                                    Major Boan  b. 3/18/1870; d. 1/29 1937 in Missouri

                                    Albert b. 1873

                                    Annie b. 1876

Census excerpts (BTW not to be confused with another Albert White in the area with a birthday very close to Albert Jack Major White’s):



Photographed on 12/27/2006 by Wayne Austin. Revised to Change Wm Brantley White genealogy and add the charting above 17 Dec 2015.