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This is the scene you get as you approach the cemetery (from the east) shown inside the rock wall ahead. We are standing on the old road and it continues on our left past the cemetery. Believe this road is good enough to drive on but I did not see where it came from. It bent northward (behind me about 100 years) and my car was parked due east of this place

Peering into the cemetery walled enclosure one can quickly get a feel for the bad shape of this cemetery. The trees are out of control here. They are springing up, growing tall and then they will come crashing down on the memorials threatening them with breakage.

Here we can see a couple of the memorials in the center of the cemetery protruding above the vines. This area is surrounded by a large rock enclosure over a 1/4 to 1/2 acre area. 
There are so many dangers to memorial in this place. I recently had to add fire to the list of threats to memorials in this environment, because fire will burn the stones and subject them to becoming brittle and cause them to disintegrate in time.

Here we see the two mentioned memorials along with a third one. These are the Harris memorials. The two Irvine memorials are on different ends of  the cemetery.

In this photo we see the (light colored spot) top of the James Irvine memorial at the tip of the indicated black arrow. It is just below a large tree trunk.
Photo & Information by Wayne Austin 8 Apr 2009 Added here 16 Jun 2009.