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HARRIS, Christopher C., 9 Aug 1806 - 20 Mar 1881. (Came to Maury Co., from N.C., in 1840.)
HARRIS, Elizabeth, 19 Apr 1805 - 3 Apr 1893. (nee Chappell.)
HARRIS, Selinie, 16 Jul 1834 - 13 Jul 1856. "Wife of Edward Harris." (Dau. Christopher & Elizabeth Elizabeth Chappell Harris.
HARRIS, Infant of Edward & Selinie Harris, "Interred with Selinie Harris, its mother"
HARRIS, Charlotte J. Sealy, 5 Dec 1858 - 31 Jan 1887. "Wife of Thomas H. Harris."
Two stones in line with above, no inscriptions.
IRVINE, Charles M., 13 Sep 1809 - 30 Mar 1887. Father. (Came to Maury Co. about 1825. born 13 Sep 1809 in Va died at Darks Mill, Tn; married Parthena Chappell 26 Sep 1831 in Maury Co., Tn.; his father was Christopher Irvine. 
IRVINE, Partheny, 8 Jul 1815 - 24 Oct 1879. Mother. "Wife of Charles M. Irvine." (born in Halifax Co., Va and died at Darks Mill;  Parthena's parents were William Chappell, Jr. and Sarah L. Palmer.) 
IRVINE, James D., 26 Mar 1814 - 4 Feb 1850. (born in Virginia; was married to Mary D. Walker; children were Joseph Irvine and Crawford Irvine; father was Christopher Irvine. The Stone is broken across the memorial below the name and above the birth date.)

According to family history records of Debbie Chance, including old letters from family members in Texas & Tennessee these family members are also thought to be buried here in either unmarked graves or tombstones that have fallen and sunken beneath the soil and brush. [Info by Debbie Chance of Mississippi, 15 Jun 2009.]

IRVINE, John C., born in Maury Co. in 1836 and died Jan. 31, 1902 in Maury County. He was never married and was left the homeplace of Charles M. and Parthena when his dad died.
McMEEN, Sarah Elizabeth "Fannie" Irvine, born 1851 in Maury County, TN and died 14 Aug 1877. She was the first wife of Lucious Thomas Henry Hadley McMeen. He had two other wives after Fannie. Fannie died after the birth of their only child, a girl. We were told the baby died also. The baby would also be buried here.
McMEEN, Infant (only child) daughter of Lucious Thomas Henry Hadley McMeen & Sarah Elizabeth "Fannie" Irvine
WISENER, Laura R. Irvine, b. 20 Aug 1846 in Maury County, Tn married John Watson Wisener 18 June 1874 in Maury Co., Tn and died 25 of June 1880 after the birth of her third child.
WISENER, Charles A., the 1st child, is buried here. born 6 Oct 1875 and died Jul 1876 in Maury County, Tn. According to one of the letters the baby was about 10 months old when he died.

It is also possible that our original progenitor to Maury County Christopher IRVINE and his wife are buried in Harris Cemetery. We have been unable to find where they are buried. It makes sense that they are buried near their old homeplace.

Several fieldstones marking graves are obviously related to the above unmarked or lost graves.

F.L.H., 1987:I found this location almost by accident. After almost discontinuing my search, I stumbled over the rock wall & thus the cemetery. 

W.A., 2009: This cemetery is located in a large rock wall big enough to enclose forty to fifty graves. Since it is grown up in vines and thickets and trees that threaten the memorials with falling debris. 
Because of the brush and fallen logs it is not possible to evaluate this cemetery to determine if there are more than a few graves marked with fieldstones. Perhaps there are more memorials that are lost in the vines. A good application of Roundup would take care of the brush. Do not do this without the consent of the surrounding land owner. We don't want any negative environmental issues for livestock or other.


Family history note: The first Irvine of this line was Christopher Irvine. He migrated from Ireland to PA about 1794, then on to Norfolk Va. Next, he moved his family to Richmond, VA where he lived with his family for several years. From May 7, 1807 thru December 20, 1822 he had fire insurance on a structure in Richmond, Va. He moved his family to Maury County, TN in 1825. He died about the 18 June of 1840.

His children were: Elizabeth A. and John S. who served as co-executors of their father's will, Charles Madison, James D., Mildred, Wilson, and Crawford.

This information comes from the family history files of Catherine Wilma Irvine McClelland. She is the g-g-granddaughter of Charles Madison Irvine. Her g-grandfather was William Thomas Irvine I. Her parents were William Thomas Irvine II and Alice Davis Whitley Irvine.

The following family members are buried at Harris Cemetery (aka as the old Irvine family grave yard)

Charles Madison Irvine b. 13 Sept 1809 (VA) d. 30 Mar 1887 (Darks Mill, TN) Member of the District 20 Home Guard. He married Parthena Ann Chappell 26 September 1831 (Maury County, TN.) Their children were: George Washington Irvine (d. in Waco, TX), Charles Christopher Irvine, William Thomas Irvine, Anne E. Irvine (m. Aaron Thomas Vestal), John C. Irvine, Laura R. Irvine, Sarah Frances Irvine, and James Wilson Irvine.

Parthena Ann Chappell b. 8 Jul 1815 (Halifax County, VA) d. 24 Oct 1879 (Darks Mill, TN) She was the daughter of William Chappell, Jr. and Sarah L. Palmer. Family history note: Parthena's grandfather, William Chappell, Sr. was with George Washington at Valley Forge, PA.

James D. Irvine b. about 1812 (VA) d. aft 15 Fen 1850 (Maury Co., TN) He married Mary D. Walker 3 Jan 1839 (Maury Co., TN).

Mary D. Walker b. Fluvanna County, VA d. 12 Jan. 1891 (Knob Creek, TN) She married second: Thomas Barton 16 Apr 1854 (Maury Co., TN) Family history note: From the Columbia Herald 16 June 1891: Mrs. Thomas Barton died at home of W. C. Sellers on Knob Creek in Maury Co. Monday at 73 years. Mother of C.W. Irvine and was buried in old Irvine Cemetery.

Sarah Frances (Fannie) Irvine b. 1851 (Maury Co., TN) d. 14 Aug 1877 (Maury Co., TN) She was the first wife of Lucious Thomas Henry Hadley McMeen.

Charles A. Wisener b. 6 Oct 1875 (Maury Co., TN) d. July 1876 (Maury Co., TN) The child of Laura R. Irvine and John Watson Wisener. Family history note: From a letter written to James Wilson Irvine in Lampassas Co., TX on 4 Jul 1876 from his father, Charles M. Irvine: Laura's baby is dead, died last Thursday evening run down flu. Laura is grieved nearly to death. He was a sweet little boy and a beauty, fair skin, jet black eyes and the smartest child I ever saw. Buried at the old Irvine grave yard. He would have been 10 months old the 6 of July.

Laura R. Irvine Wisener b. 20 Aug 1846 (Maury Co., TN) d. 25 Jun 1880 She married John Watson Wisener 18 Jun 1874 (Maury Co., TN) He was the son of Alexander Wisener and Elizabeth Williams.

John C. Irvine b. 1836 (Maury Co., TN) d. 31 Jan 1902 (Darks Mill., TN)

Visited & transcribed 8 Apr 2009 by Wayne Austin, added to this site 10 Jun 2009. Other sources: from family history records and information by Debbie Chance (& her 78 yr old mother) of Mississippi, from Old letters and family history files of the Irvine's, 15 Jun 2009. Also listed in Cemeteries of Maury County Tennessee, by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. 3 Feb 1987, page 173, Vol I. Listed also in They Passed this Way by Marise P. Lightfoot & Evelyn B. Shackelford., page B-51 abt 1963.