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Directions 1987: On Rock Springs Rd., about 1 1/4 miles north of Baptist Church. Located on the Coleman Williams place, which was the old Wilburn Hardison and later the Horace Hardison farm. From the house, cross pasture to wooded hillside. The cemetery is in upper edge of woods.
Directions 2008: Many of the above descriptions are long since gone. The old house no longer stands. That leaves us with instructions assuming the mapping coordinates are correct. Go south on Rock Springs Road for three and 1/4 miles and the cemetery is back in the easterly direction on a hillside. You will need permission to take the private road at the top that connects to Rock Springs Rd. in the bottom aerial view on this site. It spans southward toward this abandoned cemetery.

Locator Maps

HARDISON, Robert, 4 Sep 1804 - 2 Jun 1869.
HARDISON, Nancy J., 18 Feb 1815 - 29 Dec 1901. (nee Nancy J. Gilliam; wife of Robert Hardison.)
HARDISON, J. Jasper, 1 Sep 1847 - 21 Apr 1908. (Son of Robert & Nancy)
HARDISON, Udora, 8 Sep 1861 - 16 May 1869. "daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Hardison"
HARDISON, Emma J., 21 Jun 1854 - 22 Jul 1890, "Mother." (Wife of Dave H.)
HARDISON, Silas T., 1 Sep 1880 - 10 Apr 1905.
HARDISON, Infant son Mr. & Mrs. R. S. O., 3 Jan - 9 Feb 1914.
HARMON, Luda Mae, 29 Aug 1886 -4 Jul 1926. ("Lutie"; w/o Luther Harmon. Ref: Leesa Harmon granddaughter.)
LOVETT, Jamima, 17 Feb 1858 - 10 Dec 1888. "wife of N. M. Lovett".
LOVETT, Infant son N. M. & J. W. Lovett, 20 Jan - 4 Feb 1880.
WHITEHEAD, J.(Joe) D. (David), 1853 - 1924. (h/o Malinda Wood Whitehead, mar. Davidson Co. Tn.Ref: Leesa Harmon, granddaughter.)
WHTEHEAD, Malinda L., 1852 - 1905. (Nee: Wood; w/o Joe David Whitehead. Ref: Leesa Harmon, granddaughter.)

There are also several fieldstones that mark gravesites. Off to one side and down the hill is a separate section that contains about 15 of these fieldstones and might contain remains of the following who are said to have been buried in this spot but never marked with inscribed memorials:

GILLIAM, Thomas, 1778 - 1844.
GILLIAM, Sarah B., 1782 - 1835. (nee Sarah B. Pettus; Wife, Thomas Gilliam.)
GILLIAM, John H., 24 Nov 1800 - 14 Jan 1898.
GILLIAM, Steve Gilliam, not dates.
GILLIAM, Mrs. Steve Gilliam, no dates.
GILLIAM, William Gilliam, no dates. 
RILEY, Inf. son of Jim Riley, no dates.

Much of the Gilliam information came from Mr. Floyd Mills who was well acquainted with the history. He presented it to Mr. Fred Hawkins in 1987. 

This cemetery listing was listed in the various books of the past. Mr. Fred Lee Hawkins in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries listed with the help of Rev. Dwain Brown 14 Mar 1986 on page 107. Before that it was listed in the book They Passed This way page C-41, about 1967. While some of this info came from the above books much of it came from descendents with various ancestral books some of it having common original sources.  [Wayne Austin 15 Feb 2009]