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1986: Turn north onto Blackburn Road off Bear Creek Pike and go about a mile to old Liggett Hardison place which is on left of road. Cemetery is on slope of hill behind house, in a locust (trees) thicket.
2008: The old house no longer stands so the best instructions for finding this cemetery today is is to turn off of Bear Creek Pike onto Blackburn Road and go one mile. When the road bends look to your left for a field road that follows downward a bit. Follow that for 50 yards and stop there and look straight ahead (northwest) at the upward slope before you. The cemetery is on the side of that slope enclosed in a chain link fence. A bunch of white fill debris was dumped on the farm road when I was there and it was not passable. Luckily the cemetery is only about 300 yards from Blackburn Road. This cemetery will be hard to see in the summer with the foliage in place.

Locator Map of the cemetery            Cemetery Area Views

HARDISON, E. J. (E. Jonathan), 23 Jan 1852 - 22 May 1903. (Son, George W. & Rebecca Dugger Hardison.)

HARDISON, Jemima (Derryberry), 19 Jul 1852 -18 Apr 1920. "Wife of E. J. Hardison."

HARDISON, Mary, 16 Dec 1877 - 13 Jan 1949. (Daughter of E. J. & Jemima Hardison.)

HARDISON, Montie, 24 May 1882 - 21 Feb 1936. (Son of E. J. & Jemima Hardison.)

HARDISON, Liggett, 8 Oct 1889 - 6 Oct 1954. (Son of E. J. Jemima Hardison.)

WHITEHEAD, Martha J., 5 Sep 1839 - 15 Mar 1905. (Daughter of J. L. Derryberry.)

WRIGHT, R. S., 16 Aug 1872 - 14 Jan 1908. (Husband of Anne Hardison.)

This cemetery should have the name "E. Jonathan Hardison Cemetery" since he was the first buried here and only his descendents, etc. are buried here. It is called "Liggett Hardison Cemetery" by residents of the area, however. [Fred L Hawkins, 1986.]

Lest you judge these folks as little country people because of the size of their memorials, think again. They lived in quite nice homes. They worked hard and were highly respected in the community in which they lived. Today their home and all evidence of their livelihood is gone, but this cemetery stands as a testimony to their success in this community. If you noticed someone is still adding flowers to their memorials after more than 60 years. I pray the rest of us will live our lives in a manner whereby we will be so loved. [W.A.  20 Feb 2009.]

Listing published in these books: "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", compiled by Fred Hawkins 15 Mar 1986, page 270. "They Passed This Way", 1961, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot, page C-28. Compiled here by Wayne Austin 20 Feb 2009 from photography dated 30 Dec 2008.