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This cemetery is shown by the red + above along the north side of Snow Creek Road about half way between Santa Fe & Williamsport.   GPS Coordinates for the Harbison Cemetery do not exist on, but I estimate them to be approximately 35.70796 degrees north and 87.16811 degrees West.

From Santa Fe Pike, go southwest on Snow Creek Road for less than three miles. Cemetery is on north side of the road on a bank between an old barn and the driveway to a residence. This was the old Willis Woody place in 1987, but belongs to a son who lives east down the road now.

This aerial map above shows the cemetery at the end of a yellow pointer, just southwest of the old barn and in front of the home & other buildings. The home is not visible from the cemetery nor is Snow Creek Road due to surrounding hilly terrain.
Maps from MS Terra site, Microsoft Virtual Earth (Bing now) Aerial views, modified for this site 16 Jul 2009, by Wayne Austin.