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Topographical map shows where the Hackney Cemetery is plotted on the maps. I have not been there to confirm this reading of N 35.50869 X W -87.15779.

To attempt to find this cemetery based on the GPS mapping I would:
Go East on Southport Road from Mt Pleasant to Porters and turn (right) southwest on old Polk Lane and almost immediately again turn right (south) on Wheelerfield Road. Follow Wheelerfield Road about a 1/2 mile and it will bend right (west) and in that bend is Bob's lane. Take that going south for a 1/4 mile and fork left toward Bob's Lake aka Tailings Pond. and there will be one more left turn to take you toward the lake. After the last turn Bob's lake will be in front of you so follow the road to and along the north side of the lake. Stop your vehicle at the far northeast edge of the lake and walk due north about 130 yards to find the cemetery in the woods. All this assumes the GPS is correct as marked.
I rate the possibility of it being within 100 yards of the plotted position on the map as about 50%, That is the side of a steep slope and Mr. Fred Hawkins who has supposedly been there says it is on a high hill. So if that be the case the nearest hill spans north and south on the east side of Bob's lake and that would be the place to look. So get your climbing boots on and scale to the top of that hill. There is a swath of clearing seen on Google Maps along the top of that long ridge so when up there go along the ridge looking for signs of the cemetery. Hope you are a mountain man. Your best chance is to find a hunter familiar with in that area who knows the location of this cemetery. 
Three or four stones are hard to find because many times those are fallen and flat on the ground. If you are lucky one or two of them are standing from a distance of about 100 feet.
I cannot say if there are locked gates along this route or how much private property issues there are to dealt with. I am only studying several maps. I have several photos taken from Southport road toward those distant hills in an attempt to spot the Hackney Cemetery.
If you have an Apple I-Pad or smart phone that is small enough to tuck into your pocket that gets 4G/LTE network you can follow that looking for the cemetery assuming that the GPS is accurate, but that says nothing about all this being private land and hazards such as creeks. To do select Google Maps and type in the search bar cemetery and Hackney Cemetery will be on of the millions that will appear.

With Bing's Birds eye view Map we see more clearly the trees involved where this cemetery is supposed to be. With all the recent wet weather this may now be a jungle by now with no ability to find anything remotely as small as a tombstone.
Maps from ACME Mapper 2.0 - MS Streets & Trips & Bing Mapping (trade names not perfectly depicted) sites, modified by C. Wayne Austin 5 Sep 2013.