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This aerial view from Bing shows a promising location for this cemetery in the middle of a slope up a hill to our right. The spring branch and Grigg Hollow is present here and the trail of trees on the left of the image running north/south reflects the location of the spring branch. This is N 35.41762 X W -87.00607. I have not been here and my position is this is the first place I would look in attempting to locate this cemetery.

This map reveals the location of the Grigg place in that is has a hollow named after the Grigg family. Chances are the cemetery can be found along that hollow where spans the Adams Fork of the east fork of Fountain Creek known by that name only in historical documents. The cemetery is most likely back against the Elkridge on a ledge somewhere. I would say a good guess is between the "Y" in the stream where the two branches come together.  I say this because there probably is a large spring spewing fresh cold water from the side of a bluff/hill that forms one of the two branches in the Y shape. This could have yielded a source of water for the Grigg Family in early times and means they would have built the house nearby. This was a survival trait of early settlers in Maury County's Hills. [Commentary by WA Oct 10, 2007]

This 1878 historical map shows the P. H. Griggs place near the Giles County Line. It is slightly highlighted in yellow above. 

This map shows the Adams Branch of the East fork of Fountain Creek (not so called here) where the Grigg Hollow spans.

Revision contributed here Oct 10, 2007 by: Linda Bock. Much commentary above also by Wayne Austin. If you wish to comment or have further information I (Linda) would enjoy hearing from you at:   (