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This is the view of the Cemetery one will get standing on Greenfield Bend Road. Look closely and the brick & Limestone wall can be seen.
This is all you can see today. Just the wall & dense brush. The tall monuments are still there but cannot be seen for the brush. The trees will take out the fence in ten years as their roots undermine its structural integrity and it will begin to fall in places. This invasion is already taking place. You can see the brick wall is no longer level because roots are pushing the wall up in places.
As far as I know no historian or writer has been there since Mr. Fred Hawkins visited and wrote a book in 1986 on the county cemeteries. Hawkins said this cemetery was well kept then. Unfortunately two of the seven stones have fallen due to soft soils & Ground Hog holes causing the memorials to become unstable. Worst than that the brush and briars were so dense I had to bush whack about an hour just to get photos of the inscriptions. The heavy gauge ornamental Iron Fencing was fallen from the top and was setting inside of the block wall un-assembled.

This is the entrance of the cemetery and all the pieces appear to still be in place and in good shape if the brush were just eliminated and the ornamental iron set back up.

Here we can see the extent of the overgrowth of vegetation in this cemetery. You can hardly see the brick & stone wall and this is in the winter time. Imagine what this looks like in the summer. 
After seeing these photos I hope to hear about a swarm of civic & historical minded folks from Columbia armed with axes, shovels & chain saws including machinery that can lift these heavy stones to right this problem. I will then return and give this cemetery the credit it deserves (with new photography) without all the ugly brushy photos.

Photos & information developed 27 Jan 2009. Published here 4 May 2009 by Wayne Austin.