From Mt. Pleasant, take Hampshire Pike. Just beyond the By-pass, enter farm lane that goes north go by the old barn and by the turn off to a new house and the cemetery was supposed to somewhee near that field on the left.  I could not find this cemetery in 2008.  It was located on USGS maps in the middle of a green field with no visible sign of a cemetery around. Locator Maps     Cemetery view.

Mr Fred in 1987 said this; "The cemetery is in middle of bean field behind house. The place was owned by Columbia Rock Products Co. and farmed by Jack Logue in 1988." 

GRANBERY, Matilda E., b. 20 .... 1828, d. ... Apr 1844. (TS embedded in hackberry tree. Inscription partially covered.)
GRANBERY, Sabra, b. 22 Dec 1830, d. _ _ _ _ _? "Dau. of James & Maria Granbery." (Inscription partly buried in earth.)
GRANBERY, Hellen M., b. 29 Mar 1844 - d. 20 Sep 1844. "Dau. of James M. & Maria Granbery." (TS buried. Had to dig it out of ground.)
GRANBERY, Margarette P., b. 24 Jul 1845, d. 25 Jul 1845. "Dau. James M. & Maria Granbery. 

Note: James M. & Maria Granbery are buried in Arlington Cemetery. The names of the above mentioned children are also inscribed on the monument in Arlington Cemetery. 

Commentary by Fred Hawkins 26 Feb 1987. "This cemetery is enclosed in a wrought iron fence and the gate is now grown into the trees growing in the small plot. I had to climb over fence and wade through the bushes to even get to the stones. Then, I had to dig most of them out of the ground in order to read the inscriptions. Note that this is another case of several persons in one family having died within a relatively short period of time."

Published in Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries by by Fred Lee Hawkins. Listed on 26 Feb 1988.
Listed in
They Passed This Way, Page A-122

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